Rewarding Ways Review: Legit or Scam To make money

Rewarding Ways Review: Rewarding Ways claims to be a way to generate money online by taking money offers and surveys.

However, can it be Rewarding Ways scam website that’s a waste of time or can it be rewarding to join?

I have tested it and have been a member of this website for some time myself.

Allow me to just reveal right away since you can make as a member, it is legit — but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the alternative for you.

In this Rewarding Ways review, you may receive every detail, about what it provides so you can judge for yourself and understand just what to expect and find out not or if it’s a website for you.

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Rewarding Ways Review: is possessed by 99 Ventures which is a UK based company that provides worldwide online advertising and runs and owns many Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites.

It is, by way of instance, the same company that owns, which I’ve previously reviewed. As a member of these two sites, it’s clear to see that the owners are the same, as they in many ways are based on exactly the exact ways and offer lots of the alternatives.

There are however also some differences. Both sites can be somewhat confusing to use in the beginning and don’t have usability, but it doesn’t take long to determine how to use both of them.

Rewarding Ways presents several ways to make, and it is, thus, seen as a GPT website (get-paid-to). Let’s begin by looking into what Rewarding Ways provides and how good the choices are so you can see if it will be worthwhile for you:

  • Rewarding Ways surveys:

If you enjoy doing paid surveys, Rewarding Ways has a lot of offers. It’s one of the greatest ways.

The polls are offered through what’s called suppliers, meaning you will be offered surveys through lots of Rewarding Ways’ spouses rather than the website itself. This is also fine and Lots of websites are using suppliers, and it can provide a lot of different offers

You need to be aware that if you take surveys through survey suppliers such as this, you in many instances to complete some basic information about yourself the first time a survey is taken by you.

It can be somewhat annoying, but just bear in mind that in most cases it’s only the very first time you use the supplier through Rewarding Ways you need to do this, so when you’ve completed it once, you don’t have to do it again.

And the benefit of a website like Rewarding Ways is the fact that it has lots of survey partners so that you can find a lot of opportunities here. You may, as on the rest of the survey websites, not be eligible for the surveys there. Do not be discouraged if you can find many that you don’t qualify for — it’s perfectly normal and there’ll also be many that you do qualify for.

Rewarding Ways give some very good rewards for the surveys you take compared to other websites so that it is a fantastic way.

  • Earn Reward by watching Short Videos:

You can watch videos and make a reward by doing so on Rewarding Ways.

It may be all kinds of different little entertaining videos or advertisements and there are a whole lot of them.

As the benefits are extremely small for this, I use this option myself on some of the GPT websites that provide this.

But if you prefer to watch entertaining videos, it can be fun to have a little cash for it. And the benefit is that it’s less infinite or more videos you can watch and you can make this way.

  • Taking Survey:

You may know that a lot have an offer wall In case you have used a poll or GPT site before.

This is where you can take different online offers. It can, for instance, be to register for a trial for the site or a product, subscribe to newsletters, download much more and a program. Rewarding Ways has lots of those walls out there.

Some of them can give rewards, but many are also not worthwhile, in my opinion. Make sure before you take one of these offers to check the conditions.

Lots of the offers on Rewarding Ways are the same as other sites like such as ySense has. The benefits for the offers will be more or less the same regardless of which of these sites you’re taking them on. Which site is the best to take them depends a good deal on which site you prefer and which website has.

However, the offer walls are worth checking out. If you read the requirements and find the offers, you can make some great rewards. You may also find paid surveys.

Promo code Rewarding Ways:

You may sometimes get a code for Rewarding Ways which could provide a reward that is free to you.

The way to have a code is by keeping an eye on Rewarding Ways’ media accounts. Once in a while, a promo code will be posted here. If you see one of those promo codes, you place it into the code field when you’re logged into Rewarding Ways.

Rewarding Ways Review

In my experience, it is not very often they will postcode, and therefore don’t count on it to be a way to make cash.

In general, the benefits for this aren’t enormous but compared to the benefits are adequate on Rewarding Ways. I’ve attempted to get $0.25 only for putting in a promo code and it only took two seconds — it is a really simple way to have a little bit extra, but bear in mind it will just be very little since they very rarely post these codes.

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Refer & Earn More:

You can earn rewards by inviting others to join Rewarding Ways. As a member, you’ll find a link you can share with other men and women.

If somebody joins through your link, you’ll find a commission from Rewarding Ways. It won’t be something that will make the reward less for the person who you invite, but a percentage paid by Rewarding Ways as thanks for inviting that person.

The commission on Rewarding Ways is great, as you get 25%. It seems like a lot, but bear in mind you will make money this way if the person that you invite uses the website. It can be a way if you know people you can invite.

  • How much you can make with Rewarding Ways?

Just like the survey website and any GPT, this is more or less likely to provide an answer. It depends on many things and particularly where you live, and how long you’re willing to spend.

By looking at the 20 earning members on the cash competition list on Rewarding Ways, it seems like you can make money, and the earners earn between $400-$700 a month. I have not made this amount on Rewarding Ways myself.

To produce this kind of cash, you may need to spend a whole lot of time and be patient and you shouldn’t expect opportunities to create this kind of money should you not reside in an English-speaking nation.

Rewarding Ways Review

However, it has potentials for some nice money. Do not forget that GPT and survey sites won’t make you wealthy or a fulltime income, and therefore don’t join Rewarding Ways or some other website, if that is your objective.

  • How much you can make with Rewarding Ways?

As you do polls, activity, watch videos, etc. Rewarding Ways, you’ll earn cash in dollars which you could mostly see in your Rewarding Ways accounts straight away. Some choices will earn you points instead. It’s possible to convert the points into money.

You can opt to have your money paid out through PayPal, Skrill, or bitcoin. Your points you can get paid out as Amazon gift cards or another gift card (the specific gift cards depends upon the country you reside in) or convert them into money. Some pretty great rewards in my opinion, but my favorite is to PayPal.

You have the money transferred within a day after you request a payout, which is nice. I’ve been compensated by Rewarding Ways times myself and it works fast and easy in comparison to other websites.

Rewarding Ways has a payout threshold, so before you can request a payout, that you don’t need to make a good deal of cash. Exactly how much you will need to earn depends.

For PayPal and Skrill, the payout threshold is only $1, which is quite low compared to many other similar websites. For bitcoin, you require a minimum of 40 to withdraw.

Before getting your payout, Rewarding Ways might ask for address confirmation. This is to prevent fraud but in case you’ve done everything honestly, there’s nothing to worry about and it’ll be easy to accomplish.

  • Is Rewarding Ways Mobile Responsive:

There’s not any Rewarding Ways program you can download to make on the go. Sites don’t have this, but then have a web site that’s optimized for mobile devices, so it is simple to use on a tablet or a telephone.

And Rewarding Ways has gone through some big updates since I joined it and it’s completely portable optimized so that you can browse if you would like to use it.

So it’s possible to earn money on the go with Rewarding Ways though it doesn’t have an app. You need to visit the site and log in through your browser.

Who Can Join Rewarding Ways?

Everyone can join and register for Rewarding Ways. So it doesn’t matter which country you reside in. There can be differences in amounts and the offerings of surveys that can be found depending on the country you reside in.

Bear in mind that if you are on vacation or move to another country and try to log in from a different country than where you registered, your account can be hailed as a cheater.

So in case you go on vacation to a different country, don’t log in on Rewarding Ways, and if you move to another country, you should contact the service before you do.

Rewarding Ways Customer Support:

When you’re logged in, you can submit a support ticket, if you will need any help.

Rewarding Ways states the support will contact you within 24 hours. And in my own experience with the business behind the website, you can expect a reply.

And you can see they react. But if you need help, it’s far better to use the support system.

Good to know you can expect help if you run into any difficulties.

Rewarding Ways Pros & Cons:


  • Good payout options
  • Low payout threshold
  • Many different opportunities
  • Available in all countries
  • Active support


  • A bit confusing to use at first
  • Often you do not qualify for the surveys

Rewarding Ways Review: Final Words 

At first, it is not but it gives opportunities to make some additional cash. It isn’t among my absolute favorite sites. However, with patience, and if you live in a state where you’re lucky that lots of the surveys and offers can be found, it may be a site worth joining.

What I like about Rewarding Ways is the payout techniques your payout procedure, along with the payout threshold, so it’s smooth and easy to receive your rewards.

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