Opinion City Review: Legit Or Scam Survey to Make Money

Opinion City Review: Opinion City claims that it will help you to earn more than $500 per week easily.

Today that is a bold claim and from somebody who has tried doing polls as a means to generate an income on the internet, that’s a figure that’s hard to attain.

In this review, I will go deep and attempt to find shat Opinion City is about (including how do they make such bold claims. I am going to share my complete experience and research in this opinion city review.

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Can Opinion City live up to the hype? Can you make $500 per week with their services?

This is what I will be calling for you now, but before we get into the nitty-gritty of the review, let us begin with some basic advice about Opinion City.

Opinion City Review

On the primary page and at the introductory passage, they do state how they intend to help people find survey websites to earn money however; there’s more to it than that.

The thing is and what people could be thinking and maybe like you are that Opinion City is nonetheless another survey site that pays people to complete surveys.

That’s what it looks like anyway.

Unfortunately that isn’t the deal here and rather what Opinion City will do is reveal your survey websites which you can earn money completing surveys with, do you find the difference?

There are companies and lots of sites which are just like Opinion City. I just reviewed a similar business the other day named Survey Voices which works in precisely the identical fashion.

I will discover the motives and in a bit what the function behind them and how it works.

What’s a Survey Aggregator?

Opinion City is a questionnaire aggregator, but what’s that?

Well, it is when people sign up a website that promotes survey sites and has paid.

It follows that they give themselves out nor are they and don’t manage a market research company.

They are just a middle man if this makes sense, it is like those firms you discover that compare prices on auto insurance and offer to give you the best value, however, there’s absolutely no value with Opinion City and I will explain why in a second.

Opinion City Review: Seems legit but lots of Red Flags

Opinion City is a web site that recommends survey websites that provides an opportunity.

This sort of site is called a questionnaire hub where they urge survey sites they’re a part of, make affiliate or referral bonuses.

According to which Opinion City is currently offering, they can not be considered a scam because they are not charging anything to gain access.

They are also not promising anything except to urge survey websites to generate income. This doesn’t indicate because there are several red flags that the website is a one.

One of those red flags about Opinion City is the owner’s identity. A few of the sites are questionable.

There is no way that you get in touch with the owner or the owner of the website. The website produces a false urgency that they recommend.

Your details are not secure with this website. As we progress in this review of Opinion City, I’ll examine these flags.

Opinion City Review: Sign Up For Opinion City

Opinion City Review

I had a good idea of Opinion City was going to be like since I’ve tried sites but thought I’d sign up to find out what is offered.

Anyways, on the first page, I was advised to enter my email address.

Following this, I was taken to a page where I was expected to fill in details that I was about proceeded to fill skeptical. These were questions such as my age, my place, title, etc..

I was taken to a page of offers which was a listing of survey panels, once done. I was given websites including Panda Research Ipsos and more.

Each panel has’join now’ buttons where it states how many spots are staying, in addition to a countdown. I would see 9 and 10 places for many of them but that is a lie and is a strategy used by Opinion City for you to sign up to the panels on screen.

I could not find any facets and may benefit you, while I like to be balanced in my reviews.

3 Things Of Opinion City which I don’t like:

  • The Survey Sites Are Poor!

We know that Opinion City Review get paid for each time they refer someone to a poll website were the poll websites they recommended.

Most of these have tried apart and on the list from 2 or 1, they’re all shocking.

Require Panda Research for e.g that is one firm that has had problems for several years with payments where many of the members have never been paid.

This makes me ask the question of whether or not Opinion City is trying to help you make money doing surveys or out to make themselves money by encouraging below businesses. I believe its the latter.

  • No Value To The Website

Going on from the point this one resembles that there’s value or no benefits to Opinion City and is the same thing that I say with these websites.

They do not help you make money and they do not promote all sites that are good to you.

They need a lot of details out of you to show you survey panels and I know it although he thing I do not get.

You will find lots of sites come up that you can begin earning money without the hassle In the event you should google survey websites.

I reviewed a survey website several months back called Swagbucks and it is among the better ones I’ve tried.

If Opinion City made an effort to help you or provided survey websites I would regard them but for now, I do not recommend you waste your time.

  • False Expectations

If there is 1 thing that goes for everything and I don’t enjoy then its expectations and this is something that you get off the bat with Opinion City.

As I mentioned they state you follow that up later and can make $ 500.

If You’re no stranger to polls you will understand that earning $500 each week, doing polls is not possible, however, it is not achievable as many factors will.

Opinion City Review: Users

Opinion City is intended for men and women that are currently searching to earn money on the internet. They do recommend websites that you can earn money from, although the site doesn’t offer you the chance.

It’s important to note, however, are that they are an affiliate.

Signing up to these websites makes them money. It follows that the websites that are considered to generate money aren’t necessarily recommended by them. The websites are recommended by the owner.

Become and you want to register before getting access to the website.

In another section, I will talk in more detail the enrollment process, as well as Opinion City, works.

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Opinion City Review: How it works?

Opinion City is a website that recommends survey sites to generate money online that people may join. To access the survey sites that are being 20,, you need to sign up.

Becoming a member is easy and free to do. You need to consent to their terms and conditions, privacy policy and to give an email address and your name, and being shipped offers.

You’ll also have to answer a captcha. You can access once there are three pages.

The first page is your Recommended webpage, where the top recommendations of the Opinion City are put. The website recommends that you answer five or more surveys to boost your odds of getting a payout.

The next page is the Bonus Surveys page, where the latest and the new surveys they recommend are put.

The page is the Freebies & Coupons page. This page comprises the opportunities for free items, like cash backs entries for an opportunity to win cash prizes.

As mentioned previously, the sites are those in which the proprietor is an affiliate.

Don’t feel are always the best survey sites on the market. They recommend it once you sign up since they’ll earn something.

What People Are Saying about Opinion City?

Plenty of the reviews about Opinion City aren’t good but in all fairness, however, the website does recommend survey websites that are legit that you could earn money from.

There is also nothing wrong with advocating or promoting websites that you are an affiliate. Nevertheless, the flags are a little.

Opinion City Review: Pros & Cons

  • Free to join

  • You do not know who the owner is
  • You permit them to share your email
  • Has superficial reviews
  • Some sites it promotes are poor
  • You cannot earn on the site itself
  • Uses pushy sales tricks to get you to sign up quickly

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