My Digital Survey Review: Legit Or Scam (Complete Review)

My Digital Survey Review: Among the easiest and most popular methods of earning money online is through completing polls. There are a lot of websites you can visit on the internet that will pay you some money.

These websites have advantages in comparison to one another and different techniques of payment for your services.

Among the most popular survey websites is My Digital Survey. This report will offer an extensive overview of My Digital Survey.

According to SurveysExpert here is top trusted and paying survey panels you can create an account and start your earning from today.

My Digital Survey Review:

When you visit, it looks like a place where you’ll discover high paying surveys.

But is a scam or My Digital Survey legit?

This is certainly something you will need to know before joining since it’s NOT what it looks like initially.

It does not mean it’s a scam, BUT you should understand just what you agree to.

I will show all of the details and a few flags you, in my opinion, have to take into consideration before you give away your information to you.

My Digital Survey Review

My Digital Survey Review: What’s My Digital Survey?

My poll at is a survey site that’s been operating for a relatively long time compared to the majority of survey companies today.

My study began off as a market study firm that used to collect data from various customers in the UK, Canada, France, the US, and Malaysia.

This firm started its operation as early as the 1940s. The company’s online version was introduced back in the year 1995, and it operates.

Every survey is paid for by the business. These polls that respondents should fill covers a broad assortment of topics. The respondents are paid on a per survey basis, which is then converted to points for their opinions.

My Digital Survey Review: Is My Digital Survey Legit?

It’s important to understand its validity before we talk about this business. When you look back to the 1940s, 1946 when My research was launched you to be precise can have the ability to trace its origins. They use to collect polls and on the telephone when the company began.

National Family Opinion went ahead and created My research in expanding their analysis so they can have the ability to reach more families to aid.

The company was purchased by another company. Lightspeed Research was an analysis firm and a market. My research operated throughout the years. My Survey is now one of the survey providers.

According to their site, their associates were rewarded by My research all around the world a total of $. The business is still one of the leading in the business.

To answer the question, if My Survey is legit, the response to this question is, yes, is legit!

My Digital Survey Review

My Digital Survey Review: How Does My Digital Survey Work?

It’s rather easy to begin on My Survey particularly if you’ve got zero experience with online survey support. My research has. You will help through the process to make certain you have followed the essential process.

You may create your profile with all the relevant details. After creating a profile, you’ll have to complete a questionnaire of around ten queries. My research will be allowed by these questions.

After you’re done with this easy process, you’ll be now good to go and earn some money by completing surveys.

Survey providers operate in a different manner, which means businesses will have the amount paid and different payment procedures.

For My Survey, you’re likely to be paid based on the subject you’re handling and the period of the questionnaire. Usually, you may earn anywhere from $0.5 to $1.25. The longer the study you’re currently finishing is, the further you will be paid.

When your things have been gathered by you, there are ways you can use to get paid and enjoy the fruits of your labor. One of the disadvantages of MySurvey is that you need to attain at least 1,200 points for you to be paid.

Fortunately this is easy to attain. The most common method My Survey uses to pay is via PayPal account. For every 1200 points which you’ve accumulated, you will be given a sum of 10. You’ll receive $15 if you make up to 1800 points.

Based on which nation you’re from, get it and it’s likely to take you to process your money. Provided that you do not require money immediately, this is an excellent way to create some dollars. Instead of converting your point into money and have them shipped into your PayPal account, you can find other several approaches that you can use your points. You can receive your points redeemed as a donation.

You are given an opportunity by the business that they are in partnership with. 1100 points will be transformed into a donation. This is a wonderful method of giving back to the community. The way that you can redeem your points is by a gift card.

My research can have any merchant of your taste, and you may purchase as many products as you want to rely on the amount.

For a gift of $10, 1100 points will be needed by you. The way that you can use to redeem your points is by buying goods.

The business has a library of product which you may select from to redeem your points. The business has a range of products that respondents can select from ranging from jewelry. This is a simple way or a loved one a present.

Factors that determine the amount includes the period that’s necessary to fill the questionnaire, the number the questionnaire, and the amount of expertise. If they’re qualified for a survey respondents are assessed to confirm.

Forgoing through the screening procedure, even if the respondents won’t qualify, they will be rewarded. My research has a program to make things easier.

Other Ways to Make Through My research

Completing surveys isn’t the only way you can make some points. Another simple way is using
The business referral program. For every individual, be it a friend or a relative that you register for the company, you earn 150 points.

This a simple way. The fantastic thing about this app is that there’s not any limit on the amount. The more time you participate in completing surveys the more likely it is you will decide to complete a product testing chance.

This system requires you to use a specific product and complete some questions you will receive regarding the item. The questions will be dependent on the amount. Will depend on how involved the item is.

Another means of earning some things are by sweepstakes. These sweepstakes are chosen. Each month the active members are chosen, and the person receives a bonus of 10,000 points. All members are chosen you increase your odds of winning though you can earn some entries.

Red flags before you join?

It is a platform that will recommend real survey websites although It’s not unusual to discover.

A platform such as PanelPlace, by way of instance, also does this. And they may be okay to join to find some inspiration for websites to earn on.

However, I believe since most of them don’t focus on quality advice but only on promotion, that they are a waste of time.

When it comes to My Digital Survey there are some red flags as some of them are deal-breakers for me, you, in my opinion, have to think about.

My Digital Survey Review

  • The privacy policy

The majority of us cannot be bothered to read the privacy policy. And it’s also not necessary.

So this means your information will be shared with businesses that may use this to send you direct mails, emails, and telemarketing messages.

They don’t mention which sort of companies your information may be shared with but just that it is with services and companies that they think might be of interest to you.

Since you don’t have any idea how many they’ll share your information with this worries me. And what I discovered next makes it worse.

  • They will sell your data

My Digital Survey’s privacy policy shows they might share your data. But if you look further, you can see that it may be worse.

At the very bottom of this site, you can see there’s a link that says”Don’t sell my information”.

Most people won’t ever get here, but it was seen by me and decided to check it out, as I thought it seemed a bit odd because we don’t want websites once we subscribe to them to market our information?

When you come to this page, you can see that you have to go here to ask them to not sell your information.

This was a shock for me to see as this implies they’ll sell your information unless you after signing up knowingly go and locate the little link at the bottom of the site and actively request them to not sell it.

Along with this, they write on the page that”If we have a good-faith, reasonable and documented belief that a petition to opt-out is fraudulent, we may deny the petition “.

This means that you’re not guaranteed if you opt-out they’ll accept.

And the opt-out is only possible.

  • Poor survey Features

I wish to mention.

On the web site itself, you may find. You do not need to sign up to find this.

However there are just 5 survey sites on some very details and this list.

There are a few amazing survey sites on the record such as, by way of instance, PaidViewpoint, and Opinion Outpost.

But the list isn’t impressive and it recommends some websites which are not worth it.

It, for instance, urges Panel Bucks, which is just another website that collects information and doesn’t make it feasible to make by taking surveys.

In my view, this demonstrates what they get paid to market and that isn’t based on quality but only on promotions.

If you choose to sign up, so you need to be careful trusting.

  • Fake testimonials

Why there are some reviews on the My Digital Survey site with the information that you read 23, you may wonder.

Who’s Lightspeed and What’s My Digital Survey?

Lightspeed is a consumer research firm. The business has been helping companies know what customers think about their products because they were launched in the year 1946. The business runs a questionnaire via telephone, email, and the platform. Its respondents are paid by the business. My research is the platform in which its polls are completed by the company.

Which are Surveys Carried Out?

Other organizations, companies, public bodies, and governments are interested in what the public thinks about services or their products. The more they understand what people think about services and their merchandise, the easier it is for them to improve on what they provide. My research gives you an opportunity and also allows these companies.

Why Should I Participate in These Surveys?

Countries around the globe use marketing research to make decisions on product and advertising development. By engaging in these polls, you’ll be helping in the creation of new products, better the services that you receive, and form the products that you see in stores.

How Much Does it Cost to Join My Survey?

Joining My Survey is free and voluntary. In actuality, opinion and your time are rewarded with redeemable points. You can redeem these points for cash, gift cards, or contributions.

What Happens With Advice I Give You?

My research values each member of their site’s privacy. Your information will never be sold by them. They take the steps that are necessary to secure.

What’s Cookie and How Can My Survey Use Cookies?

A cookie is. It’s a sort of identification card. Cookies can’t deliver any virus to execute code. It’s uniquely yours, and also the system that gave it is. The business uses cookies to customize every member’s experience, identify legitimate members, and to safeguard the access of each member. No personal details are stored at any of the cookies. Respondents who choose not to allow cookies can’t appreciate any of its member benefits and cannot be able to access My Survey site.

How Many Members of My Household are allowed to join?
Just one member per family is permitted to join the site. They can do so with your membership, although from time to time, MySurvey may ask members of your household to take polls.

How Can I Check My Point Balance

The number of points which you have gathered will be shown As soon as you log into the site.

My Digital Survey Review

Advantages of Joining My Survey

A Good Track Record

My Survey had over 4 million users and has expanded its operations to over 40 countries that were different. In 2013 it awarded users over $16 million.

The business has received plenty of positive testimonials from satisfied users. Users have stated that there are polls available to finish and that My research sends a fantastic taste of the item. They don’t qualify for the poll, a notification is received by respondents.

There’s like waiting to complete a questionnaire to be informed that you haven’t qualified, not anything bad. My Survey has existed for decades and among the most established online paid survey.

Make Money

The view they reward them handsomely of its customer is appreciated by my survey. You get after participating in a survey. To be certain that the cash can be accessed by the client the payout is put into.

You’ll be amazed by the points that can accumulate and it’s possible to make a minimum of $ 5 per survey Even though the points may sound a lot. The period of the survey and the urgency determine a survey pays. Surveys and urgent are very likely to cover high than less and brief ones.

The points do not expire, and this provides the respondent time to draw the money at once and to collect points.

Rather than watching videos earn yourself a few coins with small efforts and you can opt to have a few surveys. Folks and graduates tend to have a great deal of time to kill value supplementing income, that can be transformed.

Even though you won’t make a thousand, the amount earned while conducting the polls is advantageous in comparison with the amount of work an individual can place in. You can also earn points simply by convincing your friends to get involved in the polls through their referral program that is.

Work from Home

Are you tired of waking up so you can make it work in time? I sure you have a cup of coffee that would like if you were to wake up one morning and sit in your living room and begin working. You don’t need to worry about which clothes to wear. As you’re the one to ascertain how much or little to get the job done, my survey provides flexible and perfect freedom.

Freed offered’s degree is intriguing. You could configure your station based on the way you want. While listening to music and no one will dictate the outfits to wear, It is possible to work. In actuality, you can work in your pajamas. You are solely depended upon by the choice.

Work from anywhere else

With the mobile program an option that is working is offered by My Survey. Surveys from your cell phone are easy. You do not need to carry your notebook anywhere you go. You can be making money if you’re waiting for a bus or while queuing to your cup of coffee. With My Survey program, every moment of your time can be converted into cash.

Webcam survey

Conducting polls becomes dull ticking the boxes that are similar over and over again. My Survey delivers a solution that mitigates boredom. You are offered an opportunity by a survey.

The website is of discovering your webcam cable, and it can change it. Your expressions and left and responses on the topic at hand are recorded to test. Answering a few questions regarding the topic is necessary for the survey to be completed by you. The answers and the responses are converted to vital info.

No Special Skills Required

My research doesn’t want such unlike most of the businesses you’re needed to fill up an application and must have some skills at which. It doesn’t need any qualifications or experience. No college degree is needed by you; behave or you do not have to pass any test. My research demands are you in a few standard information and person. Basic information includes your age you how to create your product and prefer. All give your opinion.

Drawbacks of My Survey

Much as My research is a site where people can use to make a few incomes, it doesn’t go without any challenges. Several respondents have reported some dissatisfaction that the company should deal with. Here are several drawbacks with the website.

Screening Respondents Out Through Unjustified Reasons

The company ads concerning the quantity can be misleading. Some respondents confront some difficulties with completing polls to be told that the number of responses was reached. This is a problem with some other websites.

Unjustified Deactivation of Accounts

Another problem respondent’s face with My Survey is the deactivation of the accounts for reasons. This issue has occurred to respondents with no explanation as to why this has occurred in the company. This poses a challenge to those men and women who have accumulated enough points to realize their accounts can not be accessed by them.

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