Lifepoints Panel Review: Is Lifepoints Legit? (Complete Review)

Lifepoints Panel Review: LifePoints is a survey website that is new and it’s promoted places online. However, is LifePoinst a scam or is it a website worth your time? See what it offers and I decided to test it out for myself.

Allow me to reveal right away that it and it has potential and some factors you will need to consider, respectively.

I will provide you an interior look and all of the details so you can see what it offers before you join.

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Lifepoints Panel Review:

In 1 sense LifePoints Panel is a rather new survey website. However, in another sense, it has been around for ages.

It’s existed for some time as the LifePoints App after the LifePoints Panel site was started with a new idea, but that’s been discontinued. It has over 5,000,000 members.

LifePoints is a merger of MySurvey and those two websites GlobalTestMarket. At the start of 2019, they merged into one and are called LifePoints.

It’s a website that is new and is different but it’s also much the same.

Therefore, if you understand those two websites, LifePoints may seem familiar to you.

A lot has been going on through the merger and since it’s a site that is new, it feels like there are some glitches here and there.

Lifepoints Panel Review

Because it’s new, it maybe we won’t know but I’ll keep an eye on it and update this review.

Below I shall go over the possibility that the site has as some disadvantages it has not or so you can find a perspective but also a member.

Let’s begin by going over what you get as the choices you have and a member of the LifePoints Panel.

  • LifePoints Survey

Once you log in, the LifePoints Panel is a survey panel.

I don’t mean this is a poor way. The basic panels are easy to begin using and are great because they don’t have plenty of distractions.

That is true for the LifePoints Panel.

When you confirm your email and register, you only need to answer a few questions and it takes around 1 minute. You get access to your dashboard along with the member’s area.

You will not find any surveys there when you join. Do not worry about that. You will begin receiving invitations.

I began receiving invitations day. When you log into Following this, you will see the surveys.

You can see the LifePoints Surveys that are accessible or simply wait to get the invitations.

You don’t have to log in to LifePoints to check for surveys. You click on the link there which will take you and only have to wait for the emails.

From the emails, you can find before you begin the reward you’ll get.

The benefits for the time is pretty decent compared to other survey websites.

though you will not qualify for has been large.

And about politics and have been relevant and topics.

This makes them interesting and also a point to keep in mind, that’s often overlooked when it comes to paid surveys, is that you may have your opinion heard on important topics.

Just bear in mind that some surveys require respondents to find the best chances of qualifying it’s advisable to not to wait long once the invitation is received by you to take the survey.

LifePoints Panel is and the quantity is adequate.

The amount, of course, depends on the country you reside in and it is wise to join other websites to find choices because this is the only way.

The LifePoints polls can be worth engaging in but you have to bear in mind that there may not be options daily.

  • Participate in free competitions

The panel offers an additional chance to make, although no doubt the way is by choosing the LifePoints polls.

You can take part as a member of free competitions. This isn’t something you need to log in to participate in. The competitions will be announced on the LifePoints Panel Facebook page.

You can take part in competitions on the LifePoints Facebook page.

It is going to be a picture since you can see in the picture above posted with a question that is brief and straightforward. If You Don’t know the answer, you can quickly find it via Google — not just look at the other answers people give in the comment section:-)

In my experience, these competitions will be available around once each week and the rewards are a $30 Amazon voucher.

Just bear in mind that this is a competition based on luck and there are leaving engaging and comments there an opportunity of winning isn’t fantastic. But as an additional opportunity, it can be wonderful as it doesn’t take long to take part in.

  • Blog articles and updates

You do not get access to anything besides the polls on the LifePoints platform.

Note that this isn’t a good thing as it makes it simple and very straightforward to use. But that you know that it doesn’t have any other methods of earning at the moment of writing this review on the stage.

But as mentioned, you can find an opportunity to win if you take part in competitions on their Facebook page.

There is, however you can find as a member itself. LifePoints advertise on the web site.

There’s not so much even though it’s advertised.

I would say it may be stretching. What you get access to are different blog updates and articles.

These can be helpful and quite interesting since it is where you can view updates.

Perhaps it’s the strategy for them to develop it in this, although I wouldn’t call it a neighborhood time can tell. But it is a fantastic place to keep an eye out.

  • Joining bonus

There’s an additional way to get little points on LifePoints.

After registering you receive a bonus that is joining.

You get 10 points just for registering and then 10 points for verifying your email.

So the total joining bonus is only going to be worth around $0.30 so not a huge bonus but still great to get a few points immediately.

Lifepoints Panel Review

Lifepoints Panel Review: Get paid?

Each time you choose a LifePoints survey, you get points.

You may get these points. A shop is where you can choose between getting paid through PayPal, gift cards in money, or contribute to charity.

There are some payout choices on LifePoints.

The rewards will depend. I think it’s great you have the choice to get paid in money through PayPal or purchase gift cards based upon your preferences.

What can be somewhat confusing is exactly what your points are worth because that depends.

If you wish to get $15 through PayPal it will cost you 1150 points but if you would like a gift card to IKEA for the identical amount it would cost you 1250 points (where I reside).

So this makes it somewhat difficult to calculate how much your points are worth. However, a rough average estimation is that 10 points are roughly worth $0.15.

The payout threshold begins at around 725 points to get a few cards. However, the payout threshold is 1100 points which will provide around $15 to you.

So the payout threshold is not high but the point system could be somewhat confusing at first.

Lifepoints Panel Review: How much money can you make?

The question people have about survey sites is just how much money they could make there.

It’s a way to produce a little bit of extra money In regards to the LifePoints Panel.

It does have a nice quantity of polls, but it won’t make you more than excess side cash.

I’d say that you should also be certain that you combine some top paying survey sites along with LifePoints to get sufficient earning opportunities.

However, as LifePoints is easy and straightforward to use, it can be a great addition and a survey website that is additional in my view.

Lifepoints Panel Review

Lifepoints Panel Review: Mobile Friendly

Yes, you take surveys from there and may use LifePoints Panel on cellular.

That makes it effortless to use on the go, and it is good when this option is offered by a survey website.

The program isn’t available as stated LifePoints used to be a program, but following the LifePoints Panel site was launched.

That’s not a problem so it’s easy to use on displays — even on mobile though as the site is optimized for mobile.

But to have the ability to participate on cellular is that you have access so that you can check if you click on the invitation link and receive a survey invitation.

Who will join the LifePoints Panel?

LifePoints can be obtained in around 40 countries in the present time of writing this review. You need to be 16 years or older to join.

The countries are:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vietnam.

So as you can see, it’s available in several areas of the world.

Lifepoints Panel Review

Lifepoints Panel Review: Customer support?

It’s always great to know should you need it as a member of a survey 22, you can get support.

This is a place where I’m not excited about the LifePoints Panel. And from what I can see in LifePoints testimonials, there are several frustrations from a few members about this sometimes.

There are a few complaints about support.

The majority are regarding issues with the merger of MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket to LifePoints Panel and the frustrations about not getting help.

Naturally, there’ll be a few difficulties when websites merge and there may be some difficulties with memberships. I believe this can be understood by people.

But from what I have observed, the LifePoints support could have handled it better.

I have contacted them myself. I have to mention that I got a rather quick response but it seemed more like just a standardized response which did not answer my question completely. So that I could continue utilizing the platform, it wasn’t an issue.

From this response, it may seem that the service is quite busy here and we could expect this will improve over time.

But if you need and join assistance, just bear in mind that it may take some patience and emails to them from you to obtain an answer.

Lifepoints Panel Review: Pros & Cons


  • Free to join
  • Easy to use
  • Good payout methods
  • Decent rewards concerning the time


  • Some technical issues about the merger have been reported
  • Support is slow at times

Lifepoints Panel Review

Lifepoints Panel Review: Final verdict

LifePoints Panel is a survey website with companies behind it. It has paid me many times.

I believe the LifePoints Panel can be an excellent survey website.

There appear to be a couple of issues occasionally and have been through a merger. However, in my experience, it contains payout procedures and is simple to use, provides rewards.

I don’t believe as that would provide few polls to you, you should combine it. However, as one of your sites, it may be a simple method to get access.

How to join the LifePoints Panel?
It is simple to join the LifePoints Panel. You click on the button below, select your country, and you’ll then be taken to a brief form.

Remember you will need to verify your email to access the polls. You’ll receive bonus points for verifying your email and for joining.

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