Is Panda Research legit or scam (True Panda Research Review)

Is Panda Research legit or scam: Panda Research has acquired a reputation among surveyors in the world. From a distance it looks like an excellent opportunity to make some money on the side, with high-quality surveys and an easy-to-use interface available for your users.

In this post I will explain about Is Panda Research legit or scam? The doubts among the internet users have been rising and it’s required to have a review regarding the program to determine whether it’s a scam or legit.
In this review, personally explore the program we’re going to explore the business and study the users. By the conclusion of the review, you should find it.

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Is Panda Research legit or scam

Panda Research was founded in 2005, making it a decade-old platform.

It comes under the umbrella of A&A Marketing, Inc. which is a marketing team based in Illinois. The business also possesses and But Panda Research has gotten the most attention and is this group’s product.

To confirm the credibility of the business, we decided to check out its evaluation on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The parent company doesn’t have a rating embedded in the systems, although it may be clear that Panda Research does not have any evaluation verification of its own. This leaves us with no perspective concerning the reliability of its brands.
Based on BBB, A&A Marketing, Inc. has an old evaluation of F by a scale of F to A+. BBB not currently accredits the business. This makes it a zero-trust company & indicate about Is Panda Research legit or scam?

Panda Research Review: What’s Panda Research?

Panda Research is an organization that provides users with supplies, surveys and gigs that are primary to complete in return for a payment. The quantity of payment for each gig includes depends upon the magnitude of the standard of assessment and work it requires.

It’s not clear if the Panda Research group is a bunch of middlemen, who handle the filling of polls for the advertising businesses or an independent company.

Fill out the offers and you need to create an account. The payment process has conditions that need to be mentioned:

  • After you’ve reached USD 50, you’re liable to draw the amount to your PayPal account.
  • The withdrawal is subject to confirmation via a telephone call. The site maintains that the verification procedure is to avoid any possibility of fraud.
  • The payment is paid only on the 1st and 15th of this month.
  • The payment is paid 30 days after successful verification.
  • There’s a limitation of withdrawing just in batches of $50. This means that in the event you don’t have multiples of $50 available (e.g. $107.5), then you would be paid together with the maximum potential multiple of $50 ($100) and the remainder would be held in your account for later withdrawal ($7.5).

First Impression Of Panda Research:

The outlook of the web site can normally give you a sniff of the credibility of the program, particularly if The site address is The loads fast. The website appears to be frank fashioned and to be straightforward.

What stuck out on the site in the usual was that the copyright text at the bottom, which can be among the first things. The text said:’Copyright Panda Research, 2005-2011 All rights reserved’. It’s 2017 and the site doesn’t appear to have been upgraded. Seems fishy. A company hires web developers that are great to keep the site up to date if it’s the chief source of income.

The site claims that the company has dished out USD. That would seem like an impressive claim. What makes it appear dubious is how users are whining about their obligations. Moreover, in the history of the site upon extensive research, it looks like the site has boasted this amount of 2 million USD. This is a warning sign. Has the firm not paid any money since that time? Or is the figure only a random fabrication?

The glance into the site has supported the skepticism concerning the brand. Still if you are questioning about Is Panda Research legit or scam then below here I am going to share Panda Research Red alerts.

Panda Research Review: Red Alerts

As you explore it and delve into the site, you’ll discover a print in the stipulations. It presented below in its initial condition and has been extracted from the Site:

NO PAYMENT GUARANTEE: Panda Research will NOT guarantee that a member will receive credit for a completed survey and provide. Panda Research will make attempts to monitor and report your signing up for offers but doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of the procedure.

We reserve the right to deny the charge to members for supplies for a variety of reasons, including, but not restricted to, Lack of proper information, Improper signup, Improper browser preferences, Errors in third party coverage, and/or some other reason.’

So now, as we go into this review, the website’s odds being a scam are much greater. These signs might be a means by which the company is trying to rip off signings and to protect itself. To confirm this we’ve opted to join on the website for a user and note the encounter down below.

Is Panda Research legit or scam

Is Panda Research legit or scam

Signing Up And Surveying — Scam or Legal?

Finding the membership for the site is absolutely free and quite straightforward. The latter part is important as if any survey site is right on requesting your money, it’s a no brainer it is a scam.

No choice was offered by the site for ensuring the safety of their user’s data while signing up. There was no two-step confirmation procedure or TrustE certification.

The trusted certificate ensures that the security protocols are being maintained by the site and the information you entered is protected. This does little to help with the assurance regarding Panda Research.

The website offers several kinds of gigs that could take you from 10 minutes to complete. We’ll be taking up the surveys since we’re going to examine the program. There are no barriers from beginning your surveying off.

The web site might ask you however this isn’t necessary for completing surveys if you will do product trials. If you’re a surveyor you might be unable to find yourself with work. Since we chose to perform as many polls as possible we would find ourselves waiting many times.
Our survey amounted. However, we obtained a survey of size. Work is quite good against the industry average and is easily available.

After completing a small number of surveys, the balance in our accounts reached $57. It took us to get here. It seemed doubtful that we would reach a 3 figure since the polls dried up. Anyways there was a’Get Paid’ button showing on my account. We needed to follow up with a confirmation procedure after withdrawing the money. All things went. We all had to do was wait for the money following the 30 days.

Despite needing 50 days there was no payment within our PayPal. The polls on the web site itself came in making it impossible to achieve another $50. There was no response from the other end, upon calling the customer support of the business. In the time of the writing of the report (July 2017), over two weeks have passed with no response from the business or any indication of payment.

Panda Research: Accounts Of Users

This hand experimentation with the site hits the nail on the head concerning Panda Research’s character. Upon our experience, it will look like a scam. To reconfirm recorded their expertise and this we also have researched the website’s users.

Is Panda Research legit or scam

Is Panda Research legit or scam – Signup Process

Generally speaking, most forums and review sites have complaints concerning Panda Review. There have been reports of a positive experience and there’s no saying that this handful of testimonials could be paid ones.
Consumers have had cash worth around $500 at hold by the business.
Consumers have waited a few months before receiving payment. The majority is a proportion of the money.
Panda Research says that obligations on hold require approval by the various companies which created the polls. This looks to be an excuse since from a pragmatic perspective, no business would hold work for inspection for months.
Users have obtained several hundred spam emails each day. Like the information users input has been sold for profit by the business, it looks.
Hardly any individuals have confirmed they’ve received payment. They recommend calling the business hotline. Our tries have failed in this respect it appears that it may work in a new moon.
There are no legitimate explanations concerning why some users were compensated while many users were kept on hold.
Overall, users have reported working with Panda Research as a huge risk. I think now you get the answer about Is Panda Research legit or scam?

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Is Panda Research legit or scam: Final Words

The Panda Review is trouble. Upon weighing the experiences of users and our experience, it’s ascertained that Panda Review is a scam site. A few users may argue differently, given that they were paid by the firm. These are very cases and none of them got the payment which was due. If you are still confused about Is Panda Research legit or scam then I suggest you join other best Survey networks that paid well.

You are not sure whether you’re going to be compensated. Additionally, the terms and conditions of the website mention it is at the discretion of the business and that there’s not any assurance of payment.
This shouldn’t be a choice if you’re seeking aside money and makes the site a one. It’s by no means an efficient method of earning money and there’s not any stability of work every month as we have experienced.

Finally Is Panda Research legit or scam?

This is a challenging question to answer that Is Panda Research legit or scam? I can not honestly say that Panda Research is a”scam” based on the definition. Technically, they’ll pay you and you’ll receive your money, but there are loads of hurdles you will wait to receive your money and that you need to jump through. With that said, there are scores of different sites I would combine before Panda Research. Sure, there’s a possibility you will land among these whopping polls, but you do not get them enough to warrant all the difficulties.

Go for it, if you wish to give Panda Research a shot. It’s easy and free to join, meaning if you hate it that you won’t drop anything. I would suggest some of the other companies in the marketplace. If you will need any help deciding which one will work best for you, check out my”Best Survey Sites” page, and you can navigate all the different programs that I’ve reviewed. So I hope you got an answer about Is Panda Research legit or scam? For more explanation you can watch the video below about Is Panda Research legit or scam?

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