Is Clickworker Legit: Complete Clickworker Review

Is Clickworker Legit: If you’re looking for a thorough and completely unbiased ClickWorker review, you have come to the perfect location.
I log in, and clickWorker was among the sites I reviewed for HomeWorkingClub, check out the service, and revisit this review.
In recent months, I have noticed far more individuals signing around Clickworker using my link and earning enough cash to cash out. It is pleasing to see that there’s significantly more work than when I wrote my review available. There is also now a ClickWorker program, which means there is work you can do with your mobile devices.

According to SurveysExpert here is top trusted and paying survey panels you can create an account and start your earning from today.

ClickWorker is a questionnaire site/online reward portal site that promises to pay you for finishing what they call jobs.

The question is, is ClickWorker a scam? Or is it untrue?

Is Clickworker Legit: Clickworker Review

Let me tell you right off yes, ClickWorker is untrue. But this does not mean it is going to be worth your time.

This ClickWorker review will cover what you could expect if you become a member so that you can see if it’s the ideal option for you or in case you should go for options and everything about the website.

What’s ClickWorker and what does it provide?

ClickWorker is not a straightforward survey website. That means it is not just about polls. It combines the chances that survey websites offer and benefit opportunities like what ySense offers.

On ClickWorker, you can register as a “worker” or as an “employer”. But in this short article, we’ll tackle the”employee” side as it is where you’ll have the ability to earn money.

Now, let’s discuss how you’ll have the ability to make with ClickWorker because this is going to be the best way for you.

Paid Surveys to make money:

One way for you is via surveys as stated previously. Like it does on survey websites these functions.

You receive an offer to answer a questionnaire. As soon as the survey is completed by you, the reward is received by you.

Take note before you can proceed with the survey, you’ll need to answer a screening test.

Since they’re targeting a particular demographic for the polls they do this they supply. The screening test will determine if you belong to the target market.

This mechanic will save you time since you won’t need to answer a survey and later discover that you subsequently, won’t get a reward and weren’t capable.

You’ll find once you log into the member dashboard, the questionnaire offers. But bear in mind, the survey offers will be recorded together with all the tasks on the website.

Where you get an exclusive department only for 18, it is not like in survey sites. And do not be alarmed if you can not find any survey provides. I will explain why.

The picture above shows a few surveys offers within the dashboard. But unlike most other reviews here on, you can see plenty of the information is blocked out. That’s because ClickWorker does not permit any advice about rewards or the task names to be revealed to non-members.

To have the ability to observe examples and the rewards of tasks and surveys, you may need to be a member. You’ll find out if that will be worthwhile, after reading this review.

clickworker review

Micro Tasks For Additional Earning:

This is ClickWorker’s bread and butter.

You will see As soon as you log into the dashboard.

Before you’ll be offered tasks you do need to complete your profile. Don’t be alarmed the first time you log in and do not see accessible tasks.

As soon as your profile is completed by you, then you’ll see.

The tasks will be based. The logic is, the majority of the tasks will be those associated with that field you chose if you place your profile to where you know a lot about a field.

As ClickWorker doesn’t permit this according to their conditions again I can’t show you a photograph of jobs. However, the picture above shows a couple of examples of kinds.

Each micro job offer will let you know what you can make for completing it. This is a bit of information.

It will let you know when the task is going to be paid.

As soon as you click the start button, it will redirect you. You may see and the steps you want to take to claim.

You need to be very particular about the directions given because one missed step won’t allow the task to be completed by you. So, this about having the ability to follow the directions.

As to how many micro-tasks will be accessible each day for you to do, that will depend on your profile. But there’s a way for you to enlarge your qualifications.

There’s a section in their dash called Assessments where you could take some type of test which will permit you to be qualified for further jobs.

There are two types of evaluations project and the foundation assessments.

If you meet the prerequisites for jobs that are available, while the evaluations will assess your qualifications will be checked by the base assessment for current and future jobs.

To get access to these 15, You’ll have to complete the tests. Also, there are evaluations that you can take which are repeatable.

So that you can enhance your rating on that 27, that means if you failed it the first time, you’re still able to retake it.

Be certain that you check the Assessments section from time to time to find out if there are.

You will find a lot of jobs and a number of them are as well in comparison to what you may find on other similar sites.

Offers and Promotions to get cashback:

Their spouses will post offers and promotions, it is possible to complete to be able to get rewards.

You will see the offers on the dashboard. Click the Promotions and Offerings tab beside the All Jobs tab.

They did set a disclaimer that even though their spouse offers are checked by them they will not be held responsible for the service offerings.

As to what those offers are I could not find any info about it and I don’t have any available.

I guess it will depend on which spouse posted the deal but I think it is going to be like paid offer partitions on other sites, which ways you can occasionally find some good deals here if you just be certain that you read the conditions for your offers.

clickworker review

How do you get paid?

First things first. The money ClickWorker utilizes is the Euro. So it will be that it is going to be the case if you join from a country that doesn’t use Euro — and in Euro.

As to whether or not that’s a fantastic thing, I will leave it to decide.

Payment will be done through PayPal, SEPA, or Transferwise. However, not all payment options can be found in all countries, in my experience. However, PayPal should be available in most countries.

This is a fantastic alternative for you to accumulate your earnings since PayPal is away. Plus, it’s the payment system on earth today.

As to how much cash is necessary before you can withdraw your earnings, you need to reach the minimum requirement of 10. That would be taken or give.

Even though it isn’t among those fastest paying survey sites, the payment threshold is pretty decent in my opinion.

How much money can you make on Clickworker?

On their site, they tell you can make over $10 an hour. However they do backtrack and tell you that on average, you will earn an average of $9 an hour.

Well, that can be possible. That of course, will depend on how many tasks that are micro surveys and spouse offer you qualify for.

It will depend on how fast you can complete a job offer. There’ll be instances where you will be able to earn more because there are more jobs out there for you (assuming that you finish them).

Additionally, I noticed like speaking a friend, they provide micro-jobs. This can be a fantastic way for you to make income.

Just DON’T goes thinking you can go on and quit your job and begin working full time on this site presuming the income you can earn will be on par with your job.

That will not be true. That is for jobs won’t be consistent because of the rewards provided. Some rewards will provide $5, although some provide as low as $0.17. It’s a case to case basis.

Plus, there’s feedback from members that job opportunities will be restricted based upon your location. Therefore, even though the hourly rate may sound decent, you won’t be able to only decide how much you need to work yourself — total, the earning potential isn’t so great, in my estimation, so you will need to do it with the appropriate expectations.

But since it has an adequate payment threshold of $10, you’ll have the ability to earn a little pocket money (so to speak) decently.

clickworker review

Is Clickworker Mobile Friendly?

They’ve ensured because the program is available for download on Android and iOS devices ClickWorker is available for usage.

If you like to work on those items on your device, so that is good news for you. This enables you to be an earner on their website as soon as the program is installed by you.

That’s because you’re able to work on tasks if you aren’t at home. Log into the program and you can begin performing the tasks you can do on your device of course.

One thing about their program works is you can work offline. Provided that this is allowed by the task, you can begin working on it when you don’t have an internet connection on your device.

When you’re connected to the web 13, you can submit it. I can think of one way that is great that this feature can be convenient.

Say for instance a task entails taking videos. Seeing as videos are going to eat up plenty of your data cap if you attempt to upload it using a data link on your mobile device, you may just choose to work on it offline, then upload it when you get home and your mobile device is connected to your wifi network.

This way, you can save your data usage and then, lessen your data invoice. It is a feature in my opinion.

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Who can join ClickWorker?

Another fantastic thing about ClickWorker is nearly anyone can join the site as an employee, and for free, I might add.

To sign up, you need to be at least 18 years old. Additionally it is offered in a lot. That means that they have reached.

So you can receive your earnings, you do need to make sure to have a confirmed PayPal account.

The registration procedure is also straightforward. You have to fill up a couple of details and you’re all set. You may log into the site.

I need to remind you before you can begin receiving job offers you must complete your profile. For completing your profile, and unlike most survey sites, you won’t be rewarded.

But it only requires a couple of minutes to complete, so you may have the ability to see the tasks.

Is Clickworker Legit for customer Support?

ClickWorker ensures you can get support in the case.

You may use the contact form provided that you need to ask if you have any questions. The fantastic thing about their contact type is that you may elect to send a copy of the message you’ll send to your email to them.

This way, you can track down your correspondence.

But besides that, they have their FAQ section, which is extensive. And you may sign up for their forums and see if you can get the answers you’re searching for, in the event you can not find the answers you’re searching for.

Additionally, the forums will permit you to interact with members of this website.

I’ve been in contact with their support several times myself. I must say it is not the speediest and the answers might be better, in my estimation. However, I have received answers every time that I have been with them in touch. Before they return to you, it might have a little bit of patience.

clickworker review

Is Clickworker Legit: Pros & Cons


  • Several earning opportunities
  • Decent payment threshold
  • Payment via PayPal is available
  • A mobile app is available


  • Job offers will be limited depending on your location
  • Inconsistent reward rate for tasks
  • A bit hard to qualify for more jobs
  • Sometimes support can be a bit slow

Is Clickworker Legit: Final Words

ClickWorker is for completing a site that pays you. The tasks will differ based upon your profile.

ClickWorker does offer good potential as you can see. However, it will depend on where your location is.

I like it’s so that you can make on the go, a program you can use. But if you’re somehow situated in a region where the job offers are good it will be reduced.

This may be a good site to make a little bit of income.

But if you are not into doing different kinds of tasks to earn an income, then I recommend you check out the very best poll sites in your country.

If you want to answer surveys to make a little money You’ll find loads of choices.

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