Irazoo Review: Legit Or Scam To Make Money Online

Irazoo Review: If you lost money trying to locate a work you understand of being scammed the breach. Therefore it makes sense that you are going through iRazoo testimonials to find out whether they pay you or not.

Well, we have compiled the good, the bad and the ugly and we’ve got everything in our iRazoo Review. I would recommend you read this review if that which we dug up is anything to go by. You have been warned!

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IRazoo claims to be the most popular benefits reward system of the web.

However, is also a way and iRazoo legit to make some money online, or can it be a scam filled with empty promises?

I will provide you an inside look and show you what you shouldn’t anticipate, and of the platform offers, show you what you can expect.

After reading this review it’ll be easy for you to determine not or whether it’s a platform worth your time.

Irazoo Review:

On the site, iRazoo claims to be the online reward portal. This is a claim that is large and there’s no information to back up this.

The largest in terms of popularity and members is likely Swagbucks, but there are quite a few other very large and popular platforms, so it’s a bold claim to make of iRazoo, and one I don’t agree with and would like to find that the data to back this up.

Several companies use claims such as this and when that’s stated, this is advertising, and it isn’t something which means the platform is a scam. In actuality, allow me to show right away that iRazoo is a legit website, as it is possible to get paid there (however, there have been some complaints lately but more about this later), it’s free to join, and it doesn’t promote scam products or scam polls.

The company headquarters is in New York, but the stage can be found in several different countries too (more about this later).

the site is legit doesn’t mean it’s necessarily worth joining. Let’s discuss what it offers, so you can see not or if it is going to be worthwhile for you.

Taking Paid Surveys to Make Money On iRazoo:

IRazoo has a section with polls, and you’ll have the ability to detect changes here.

Take note that iRazoo isn’t as a survey site, but it gathers surveys. So once you take a survey, you’ll be taken to finish it, but you’ll be paid in your iRazoo account.

There’s nothing wrong with this, and lots of survey and Get-Paid-To (GPT) websites provide surveys such as this.

This means that other platforms also offer lots. In my experience, many of the best paying survey sites pay better for the time than iRazoo and in certain cases for the very same surveys.

To get access you must have a questionnaire profiler, so that you may be matched with polls, where you answer 18 questions on your own. It takes around 5 minutes, for taking this profiler, and you’ll get 100 points.

IRazoo is generally fairly easy to use to take polls, but due to how that you earn, it may be a little difficult to get a fast overview of the reward dimensions, but I’ll go more into details about this in the section concerning rewards.

iRazoo review

Check daily Online offers To make money:

IRazoo includes a section. This can, for instance, be to register for trials for services, participate in competitions, download programs and more.

The section isn’t huge, but it has some fantastic offers. Offers can be well worth taking if you discover the ideal ones, as they have significant rewards.

Be certain that you read the requirements carefully. On a number of them, you need to permit to be contacted by advertising partners, and on a few, you need to pay, but it may be away if you find the offers.

Watch videos to earn rewards on iRazoo:

You’re able to watch videos and make money doing this. There are lots of video categories that are different by viewing these videos according to iRazoo itself and you can, in theory, earn.

You want to bear in mind that it requires a LOT of patience to make any money as the benefits are low, by viewing these videos.

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t expect to make a lot from watching movies on GPT sites but, in my experience, you will find websites with greater rewards for seeing videos, if this is an earning method you want to use.

Use the iRazoo search engine:

IRazoo has. If you use this instead of your search engine you can make a few additional points.

If you desire, you can make it.

I think the search engine is not something and provides an I will use. Especially not because the benefits for it are so small it isn’t worth the hassle to use it.

You don’t know by utilizing the search engine just when and how much you will earn. You can be rewarded between 1-25 points every day. The points are given in case you’re going to earn any rewards and so you do not know when.

This purpose is in my opinion a waste of time to utilize.

Play games to get the reward on iRazoo:

You’re allegedly able to play games like bridge solitaire, crossword, and more on iRazoo and make points this way.

This is a function where I don’t have many available choices. This is because I reside in, as iRazoo does not provide this option for all nations. So I can’t say as I have never been able to test it out the chances are to make by playing these games.

Using iRazoo promo codes:

Promo codes you can use to get points are regularly offered by iRazoo. These codes will be posted on Twitter channels and iRazoo’s Facebook. They do place these codes so they may be well worth keeping an eye out for if you’re a member.

Be aware that you may use these codes if you take polls or offers. If not, you won’t be able to use the code, so it’s simply a way for members that are busy to earn a bit extra.

So you may redeem code before redeeming a code, when you have obtained an offer, watched a movie or similar within the 24 hours.

Completing Daily Tasks:

IRazoo includes a bonus feature if you’ve got a certain activity, where you can make extra points.

If the goal is reached by you a few days you’ll also earn a bonus based on the number of times.

It’s wonderful to find a little extra if you are using iRazoo anyways, although the rewards for this are not high.

Refer your friends:

You can also make by inviting friends to join iRazoo. That is, however, not an excellent referral program, and the earning potential is extremely limited. You’ll find a bonus that the individual has got 1000 points if you invite someone to join.

You’ll get based on the country that the person you invited comes from. That’s the equivalent of between 16-80 cents. Not a significant potential.

iRazoo review

Irazoo Review: What Is IRazoo?

IRazoo located at is a rewards site that claims to cover people like you and me to perform brief jobs like watching movies, taking surveys, playing games, completing offers and so forth. The business is a subsidiary of SideMoney LLC and was founded in 2007. They are headquartered in New York.

How iRazoo Work?

IRazoo rewards you for a variety of things you do online. Here’s what you can do to get rewarded:

  • Taking Surveys — You can get paid to share your two cents about services and products. is another company that pays you for this too.
  • Completing offers — Offers may consist of testing samples, downloading programs, visiting sites or registering for service or product trials.
  • Coupon Codes — There are coupon codes on social media and different sources around the net.
  • Watching Videos — you could also earn rewards by viewing videos.
  • Referrals — You earn rewards when you invite family and friends through email, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Playing Games — You can earn rewards for playing a variety of kinds of games online.

Did you know that there are companies that will pay you to complete similar tasks?,, and will cover you for online actions you do this as playing games, watching videos or downloading programs and several other things.

Irazoo Review: How IRazoo Pay You? uses a point system to reward you for the activities mentioned previously. However, the points may be redeemed as obligations for money via PayPal or gift cards. However, you will want at least 12,000 points for a gift card, and at least 3000 points for $20 via PayPal. You will have to wait from the time, although they say members get paid weekly on Tuesdays.

iRazoo review

Irazoo Review: How do you get paid?

You get paid in points when you do anything on iRazoo as you’ve probably figured out.

These points can be exchanged for a range of prices depending upon your preferences.

I prefer reward portals that pay through PayPal, and fortunately this is one of those methods iRazoo offers. Based on you do have alternatives in case.

If you reside in Canada or the US, you may choose between a big quantity of gift cards or PayPal. The payout system is PayPal if you reside in other nations.

Since iRazoo pays points, it can, however, be hard to calculate precisely how much you get for a questionnaire or for what you do in general.

So I’ve done little calculations for you. 1 point is that the equivalent of about $0.0016. 100 points are worth approximately 16 cents. Even though the rewards may seem high you need to work a while to earn any money in comparison to survey websites.

Especially if you wish to get paid through PayPal because the payout threshold is somewhat high.

You must make $20 (12,000 points) until you can get paid. There are survey sites that pay a whole lot faster and with greater chances generally. You can get paid when you have earned 3,000 points on iRazoo if you would like gift cards.

Also, beware that iRazoo resets your accounts to zero if you haven’t taken any offers or polls for 60 days. This is a brief time they allow compared to other survey websites. Many do not reset your accounts, and those that do do not do it until after 6-12 months.

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How much money can you make?

It has a lot of opportunities. It will not provide value for lots of the options that aren’t worth doing and your time spend.

Offers and the surveys can be well worth it, but you will find websites that provide a good deal of chances and where your time is spent.

You can earn a little money when that’s said. Do not expect it to be much.

And bear in mind that paid surveys and online reward portals are generally not a way to create a fulltime revenue online. They could make you some great money but don’t expect it to make you wealthy.

Could you use iRazoo on mobile?

Is that it used to get an app.

A program can make it be a means and easy to take surveys.

It appears the iRazoo program is accessible. So that you can use it by logging in to the website from your browser, the site is optimized for mobile.

If you prefer using apps, you can check out the best poll and GPT programs here.

Irazoo Review: Who can join iRazoo?

IRazoo can be joined by you regardless of where you reside. The number of changes will vary depending on.

IRazoo has the chances for Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US. But additionally, it has opportunities for several countries.

Wherever you live, I do however feel that there are better survey sites in your country.

It’s very straightforward if you wish to join iRazoo. You register and go to the website. You need to verify your email. You can use my referral code: ZTR9UH if you want an extra 500 points connecting bonus

Are there some iRazoo complaints?
After this review was published by me a lot of things have changed in iRazoo.

A growing number of people have been whining about it, even though they used to be delighted with the platform. Therefore, I wanted to include this section here, so you understand all the details and can take this into account before deciding not or if you should join.

Is a great deal of members appear to suffer from this and that it has become very tricky to receive your earnings out.

Besides this complaint, I have seen a lot of members saying that when they contact iRazoo they get a reply that was generic or doesn’t receive any response.

It is something, although I can’t say for sure what’s happening. Considering the payout threshold which means you’ll need to spend a great deal of time before you’ll be able to check for yourself whether your earnings will be got by you or not earning.

iRazoo review

Irazoo Review: Pros & Cons


  • Free to join
  • Has good reward options
  • Several daily opportunities


  • High payout threshold through PayPal
  • Confusing point system
  • Not very high rewards about time spent
  • Resets your account to zero after only 60 days
  • Limited options in some countries
  • Several complaints from members not getting paid

Irazoo Review: Final Words

IRazoo is a survey site and reward portal as you can see. I am not excited about the opportunities here.

But let us finish this review so before deciding whether you would like to join or not that you can find a fantastic summary.

IRazoo can be well worth joining as a website. You can make some money here, but it’s not the website that is best, in my experience.

Therefore, if you need to join a few websites, this shouldn’t be among them. It does not have opportunities to offer earnings to you and the payout threshold is too high in my opinion.

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