Intellizoom Review: Legit Or Scam to Make Money Online

Intellizoom Review: IntelliZoom is a rewards website that promises to pay you.

However, is IntelliZoom worth joining or should you go for other alternatives if you’re currently searching to earn an additional income online and legit?

This is an essential question to ask before linking a reward gateway or any survey website as there are.

According to SurveysExpert here is top trusted and paying survey panels you can create an account and start your earning from today.

Intellizoom Review:

Allow me to show right away that IntelliZoom is untrue — but if it is going to be worthwhile or not is a different question.

We must think about several factors to answer this question. This IntelliZoom review will have a look at what the site has to offer so you can determine if this is or not and will know what to expect.

What’s IntelliZoom and what does it provide?

At first glance, IntelliZoom seems much like a survey website. But it is more of a product testing site that will permit you to get paid to share your experiences and create an impact.

And in order to gauge IntelliZoom’s potential, we must have a look. Here is the best way to judge whether you can earn a decent sum of money.

The earning Chance: Paid Research

Studies are offers that will ask you to evaluate a service or a product.

When you log into the member dash, you all will notice right away from the available studies you may take. You’ll also get an email.

It is going to display when an offer clicks on. It will let you know what you will need to do, what apparatus you may need (microphone, webcam, etc) and what you’ll get from it.

A study will ask a movie to be recorded by you about your review of the item or a product. So should you not enjoy being on video, then this website isn’t for you.

This is where you may share your comments about the item or the item. It takes approximately 10 to 20 minutes to complete, which is long in my view.

Intellizoom Review

As soon as the study is finished by you, you’ll need to submit your work to review. Then you’ll receive compensation once they have confirmed your work is great.

While the ones will pay around $ 5 normally studies that ask a video to be made by you will cover $10 or more. That’s not a terrible amount, in my view.

1 thing you will need to remember is to make sure not to take part in a research offer that is paid.

This is because of they available just. Thus complete it as soon as possible.

Intellizoom Review: Getting Paid

With a specific amount, which is paid via PayPal, you’ll be compensated for each study you finish.

So as to obtain the payment, you won’t have to reach a certain threshold. As soon as a study is completed by you, you’ll be paid straight away.

Before the payment will be credited to your PayPal account, it will take some time. Until it’ll be credited to your PayPal account, it takes. Don’t be concerned if you don’t find the payment straight away.

I really do like the notion of being able to obtain the payment straight away. It is a way in contrast to having to reach a certain amount before you can withdraw your earnings.

How much money can you make?

With IntelliZoom, the total amount will be based on the amount.

And so as to maximize your odds of getting research offers that are paid, you need to complete your profile.

they will know which paid studies to send your way, will be used by IntelliZoom.

IntelliZoom’s downside is the absence of opportunities, as you can see.

There is just 1 way that you earn on this website, and that’s by doing studies. Be certain that you complete your profile first.

For each study, you finish it will pay you on the flip side. Thus, if you get a number of surveys to provide that are paid, you stand to make an adequate amount.

Can you use it on mobile?

IntelliZoom does not have an exclusive program you can download so that you can work on studies on your device. You will have the ability to access their site using an internet browser that is mobile.

And the great news is, their website is mobile-friendly. That means you’ll have the ability without needing to zoom in and out or scroll right and left to see the content.

There’ll also be instances when studies will need you to use a device.

Using a mobile device when you become a part of IntelliZoom will be necessary at some point.

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Who will join IntelliZoom?

And to be able to be a member of the website, speaking of being a member of IntelliZoom, you need to be a resident of the US, Spain, the UK or Germany.

You also need to be at least 18 years old (in the US you must be 21) so as to be a player and must speak fluent English or Spanish. This is important because the studies you will do all will involve talking in front of the camera.

You need to be ready to have a voice and your face. In addition, you need to be certain that you have a microphone and a webcam you can use to picture your own videos.

You need to make sure that the email address you use is the email address for your PayPal account when registering as a member.

If you neglected to do that however, do not worry as you can add the email address you used to your PayPal account.

The enrollment process is straightforward. You have to give a couple of private information, in addition to your login details.

You won’t have difficulty if you’re eligible to join registering as a member.

Can you get support?

By going to their support page if you need assistance with your account or in case you have you can submit your query.

You may use it. You can access the contact form by clicking on the”Send us an email” link at the bottom of the dashboard.

They also have an FAQ section that covers the majority of the topics about the website. And they do have. The issue is, it has not been active for a while now.

That is why if you have any queries, I advise you to use the contact form.

But all in all, they do provide an adequate way to provide their members support, in my view.

Intellizoom Review: Pros & Cons


  • High rewards
  • Payment is done via PayPal
  • You don’t need to reach the payout threshold to receive payment


  • Limited earning opportunities
  • Will require several things to complete a study
  • Takes quite some time for the payment to be reflected in your PayPal account

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