Heedyou Review: Legit or Scam PTC site to make money

Heedyou Review: HeedYou, located online at HeedYou.com, is a paid-to-click site which promises people a means to make money from home, by simply completing small tasks or performing fundamental internet activities.

HeedYou.com states that they were frustrated with the rest of the online sites which promised their members simple pay-to-click earning chances when they were just taking advantage of the members. HeedYou wanted to provide a way to their members.

This firm promises that all members can join at no cost since they don’t think that to earn money you ought to have to pay money.

Heedyou Review:

Lots of you would like to know if GPT Surveys and Reward websites can make you money. As they waste your time compare, I do not favor these websites. However, to introduce you to some websites which could make you quick cash, though low.

Do you want to make a living from HeedYou? Or do if HeedYou is an opportunity or a scam you looking for?

First of all, I wish to congratulate you on doing your due diligence and, for sure, is your Best Way To Prevent Scams Online and conserve your hard-earned money.

Allow me to direct you in the right way and help you to determine the facts about HeedYou.

Let me be completely clear with you. So rest assured, I am not here to pitch or sell you anything!

Heedyou Review: How Heedyou works?

Like other PTC sites, members of HeedYou will signal in their membership accounts and see what tasks and sites are available for you to quickly and easily finish, and what the payments will be.

Their members will be asked to go to sites, click on complete surveys, ads, and activities that are standard to make their money. When you encourage members to join You’re also able to take a spoonful of earnings and they keep functioning money with this business.

Finally, HeedYou claims that they provide their clients with a readily achievable minimum payout of only $1.00 to withdraw. They say they maintain their payout low so that members understand they’re devoted to compensating you.

Heedyou Review: Overview

HeedYou is a PTC website that provides different opportunities to earn some extra bucks from paid offers, paid surveys.

  • Paid Offers:

The ways are currently doing simple tasks like sign up to a site answer quizzes, download programs, and so on.

Offers that are paid are one of the simplest ways to earn money. You need to follow. Sometimes signing up for an offer with your credentials or you need to see the video for a couple of seconds.

Some offers may require you to fill in your financial details, credit card information, such offers are good but you must recall the cancel your subscription before the offer ends, otherwise, you will end up charging your credit card. So I would advise avoiding these offers.

It’s very important to follow the directions per task to get paid and to complete the offers.

  • Paid Surveys:

You attempt if you would like to attempt polls.

You may not be eligible for a survey if your demographic nation that is like isn’t matched with the requirement for the survey. It considers age, your gender, hobbies and other things. So it is crucial to fill in detail, frankly and in the profile polls.

If you try to fill the wrong information, you will be immediately get screened out.

It is important to not forget that the third party provides the surveys on HeedYou, and that’s why when you click on a poll, it is going to redirect you to another website.

To get more surveys, fill the profile in as much detail as possible, your profile is the foundation on which you will get the future surveys. You want to fill in all of the information regarding your family yourself, schooling, hobbies and so on.

  • View Ads:

View ads are one of the popular features on PTC sites. It’s a fun way to make some cents. You will not make a considerable amount, but it’s a fantastic option if you like to watch an ad.

Generally, you have to click on an ad, wait for 10 seconds.

It’s a really simple and paid option Even though there are advertisements per person. You need to click on the advertisement you’ll need to solve a captcha to confirm that the advertisement has been watched by you. You will get paid.

Heedyou Review: Get Paid

HeedYou offers you two options to withdraw your money.

  • Paypal
  • Payeer

To withdraw money to Paypal & Payeer, the minimum threshold is $5

How Much Money Could You Make?

It depends on you. The more time you spend on the HeedYou you earn.

The more offers you complete. The best thing about HeedYou is that it has ample supplies, but the drawback is it pays low.

Another good thing about HeedYou is a very low minimum threshold; that way you can withdraw money.

Who Can Join HeedYou?

HeedYou is available globally, and anyone can join it. Anyone of the age of 13 can join the site, but to draw your income to PayPal, you want to have 18 years old. Paypal gets the age limit of 18 years, under 18 years.

I have spent some time digging through the layers to enter the center of the machine and discover if it is just another scam or there’s a possibility that this system works.

Heedyou review: Pros & Cons


  • Available globally, anyone can join HeedYou
  • Low minimum threshold
  • Plenty of offers
  • Convenient payment option


  • Very low earning potential
  • slightly complicated payment process

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Heedyou Review: Final Words

People should bear in mind that it will be minimal at best due to the effortless nature of the work, although sites are ways to earn money online with very little effort.

HeedYou.com used to be called Clicks-FX, which is important information because now, HeedYou is still so new that there simply are not very many customer reviews available for this organization.

Clicks-FX, on the other, seems to have a lot of reviews and virtually all these reviews say the same thing — this business started out paying their members regularly, but finally moved into seriously delayed payments, together with members frequently contacting Customer Service and receiving no response, and then eventually they would stop paying their members together.

There’s absolutely no reason to think that HeedYou.com isn’t likely to go down the same road that they did with Clicks-FX, so prospective members will probably be better off just trying to find a different, more reliable PTC site to work with.

If you are at OpportunityChecker.com since you’re searching for a way to generate money online then take a look at our post “7 Ways to Make Money Online” – methods that anyone can use to make an income from your home.

HeedYou isn’t a scam, but it has to earn potentially. Surveys aren’t intended to make you big bucks, but you should be paid a good quantity of money by it.

I wouldn’t suggest HeedYou because you’ll discover opportunities to make a good income online.

The time you spend (or waste) Survey can be used in a greater way. Think like writing a website, which can make you money for years or making a Youtube video. And if you wish to learn these Internet things, Wealthy Affiliate is. It provides two sites + hosting training and is free to join.

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